Worship: Liturgical vs. Non-Liturgical

Easter at Moscow’s St. Savior Cathedral

Church Year (Calendar)

Universalis Calendar

Liturgy and the Daily Office


Monastic Life (Fontgombault Abbey)

Monastic Life (Mount Saint Angel)

The Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours)

Quem Queritis

Westminster Abbey (start at 5:00)

Westminster Abbey

Cathedral = Church with Cathedra (Bishop’s Throne)

Plays in the Churches: Mansions and Plateas

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Stations of the Cross

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The Mystery Play of Elche

Mystery Play of Elche Presented in Rome

Botafumiero at Santiago de Compestela Cathedral

York Mystery Plays 2010

The Wakefield Cycle at the University of Dallas

Oberammergau Passion Play (2010)

Passion Play at Eureka Springs